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Success Stories

Clients often come to me saying, "I'm not pleading to anything!" or, on the flipside, "I just want to plea and get this over with." I always tell them to let me work their case—do some investigation, talk to the prosecutor, etc.—before making up their minds. For example, an outright dismissal on a felony is a difficult thing to come by. If I can get a client's felony reduced to a Class C misdemeanor (which is the same level as a traffic ticket) with an unsupervised deferred probation (which means the Class C is dismissed after 90 days), that's a hard offer to turn down when the risk of going to trial is a felony conviction—and there's always a risk, no matter how strong your case is.

And for those clients who come in adamant that they want to plea, they are often surprised at the creative ways I make their misdemeanor and felony cases go away without having them placed on a supervised probation. Criminal cases are full of technicalities from beginning to end. I analyze every step of a criminal case and often find errors that convince a judge or District Attorney to dismiss a case. Here are just a few Dallas County and Collin County cases I'm particularly proud of.*

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.