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Problem Solving at Its Best

Being charged with a crime is a problem for anyone, whether you've been falsely accused or the evidence against you is strong. But being arrested is just the first problem. You may not be able to get out of jail unless a criminal lawyer convinces a judge to reduce your bond. You may be dealing with a witness, or worse yet a cop, who is lying about the facts of your case. You may be facing deportation if you take a plea bargain. You may risk losing your job or even your children if your case isn't dismissed.

I solve problems for my clients everyday. Whether you need to beat a case you're not guilty of or are just looking for a way to keep a case off of your criminal record, there is always a solution. Here are just a few ways I solve problems in criminal cases:

  • Getting bonds reduced so my clients can be released from jail
  • Convincing the Grand Jury to reject a felony case before it's ever indicted
  • Appearing at court dates for my clients so they don't have to miss work
  • Attending license suspension hearings to keep my DWI and DUI clients driving legally
  • Obtaining affidavits in family violence cases to get them dismissed
  • Arguing illegal search and arrest issues to have drug crimes thrown out
  • Going all the way to trial when a Not Guilty is the only solution

I have ten years of experience fighting criminal cases in Dallas County and Collin County. I have helped over a thousand people solve their misdemeanor and felony problems. I am confident I can help you too. I offer everyone a free consultation. Call me today to talk about your case. 214-365-9800.