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When I graduated from SMU law school in 2002, I knew that the only thing I wanted to do was practice criminal law. I quickly established myself as an aggressive trial attorney, and I have been fighting criminal cases ever since. My practice is primarily in Dallas County and Collin County. I have had hundreds of trials and contested hearings, where I have successfully gotten cases thrown out by judges, dismissed by prosecutors, and acquitted by juries. I handle a wide range of misdemeanor and felony cases. About one-half of my cases are DWI or DUI. The other half of my caseload includes drug crimes, theft cases, weapons offenses, burglaries, robberies, charges of assault (especially family violence) and much more. If there is a way to beat a case, I will find it.

I moved from Tulsa to Dallas in 1990 to attend SMU, where I majored in English. After attending graduate school at SMU, I worked as an editor for Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas. I then returned to SMU in 1999 to study law. Upon graduation, I immediately began practicing criminal defense and have devoted my entire legal career to protecting the constitutional rights of accused citizens. I continue to use my experience as an editor, writing articles for legal publications and contributing to legal books, such as Blue's Guide to Jury Selection and the Administrative License Revocation Manual. I live in Oak Cliff with my husband and two children.